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About the ATX Mafia™

A family business operated by the ATX Mafia girls-all raised in Austin, Texas.  Jill, started the business while living out her childhood dream of "playing shop" with her super funky & unique boutique: Oh Yeah! ( in Lakeway, TX. Always searching for new finds in gifts and apparel for her customers, she quickly realized that both New York and LA were dictating, “what’s cool to wear" in Texas. "I don't think so!". After all, Texas people don’t like to be told what to do, much less what to wear!

“Isn’t it about time that western inspired casual clothing actually came from the west?”

The ATX Mafia girls, Jill, Lexi, Lexi B. and Lynda along with Steve Dean, an original founder who is no longer with the company, would launch an authentic and original apparel company where all designs would come from Austin, Texas–The Best Place on Earth.™ Sure, creating a brand inspired by the two words “Austin Casual” and taking it global sounded like a big, hairy, audacious goal—but that’s EXACTLY what made the idea so exciting and living in a city like Austin, a.k.a. “ATX™” was like a Mafia where “Once you’re in, you’re in.

The ATX Mafia girls made a pact to only design apparel that reflect the personality of the person wearing them and will NEVER tell anyone what to do. Our apparel will always be designed with a Southern Soul in mind--honest, good-hearted and sincere.  The ATX Mafia™ brand will only be built with an Austin state-of-mind: casual and cool, creative and unique, fun-loving and real.

Each of our designs begin as an idea or concept proposed by one of the ATX Mafia girls; either from something they have experienced, believe in or a cause they want to support.  Once you wear an article of ATX Mafia apparel, you too, will become a part of the Mafia....Cuz, at The ATX MAFIA,'Once you're In, You're In.' TM

Brand Ambassadors

The following proud citizens of Austin, Texas have gone above and beyond to help us shape our company and create products that truly represent the Austin Casual lifestyle.

Tim McClure   ...   Bob Beerman   ...   Fay Edwards   ...   Jennifer Joseph   ...   Kim Bue   ...   Ashley Bigbie   ...   Adrienne Buddin   ...   Jan Cross   ...   Lynda Stewart   ...   Erin Leon   ...   Susan Boyles   ...   Brandi Nellis   ...   Jamie Henkhaus   ...   Jose Canales   ...   Dave Mead   ...   Eric Sutherland   ...   Angela Buddin   ...   Adam Frishman   ...   Laurie Lingren   ...   Gayla Neely   ...   Bonnie Walker   ...   Terry Hawkins   ...   Debbie Greco   ...   Morgan Greco   ...   Jodie Wilk

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